Stop Taking Notes. Start Paying Attention!
We train computers to take notes for you

What You Get

  1. Your own automated personal assistant who can be reached via a direct phone number and email
  2. A daily email detailing your conversations
  3. The ability to share your notes with participants or have them sent to your CRM or collaboration tool

Working with Clarke is easy!

No downloads, no logins, no hassles.

Invite Clarke to your calls

  • Works with all major conferencing systems supplying a dial-in and pin
  • Clarke acts as a silent listener and will be just like any other participant

Clarke on the go?

  • Dial Clarke first and then merge in your caller
  • Receive a call and quickly add Clarke to your call

Clarke in your conference rooms

  • Dial Clarke directly from your conference system
  • Rely on Clarke to capture key points and action items

“This is groundbreaking. Rather than spending the time taking notes, it allows me to truly focus on the business conversations and outcomes of discussion.”

Corina Lam
Chief of Staff, Global Partner Operations